TechTime Tour Praha 18. 6.

V úterý 18.  června  pořádá MST, a.s jednodenní setkání  určené všem zájemcům o moderní mikrovlnné technologie určené pro sítě 5. generace. Ve čtyřech přednáškách vysvětlí inženýři Anritsu postupně:


1.  co jet o 5G New Radio a jaká jsou specifika fyzické vrstvy 5G NR

2.  jaké nároky a očekávání ve vztahu k měřicím přístrojům a aplikacím 5G NR přináší

3.  principy a použití vektorových síťových analyzátorů Shockline

4.  Indoorová měření pokrytí ve 3D bez přístupu k GPS, IBW – Indoor Broadband Wireless a NEON Signal Tracker


K dispozici na vyzkoušení a praktické předvedení či následné zápůjčky budou všechny významné laboratorní i přenosné  spektrální a vektorové analyzátory i signální generátory Anritsu.


Anotace jendotlivých příspěvků:


The first mobile generation, also called 1G, was still a way of communication that only special people could use. With 2G mobile communications became suitable for everyday use. Via 3G UMTS, we are currently using 4G (LTE 800 and 2600 MHz) in a communication that has made the Internet really mobile. What more can come? The fifth-generation 5G focuses on applications such as Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Massive IoT, and Mission-Critical Control, ultimately embracing all current wireless communications applications. However, many requirements from the flood of addressed applications conflict with each other. For example, if you want to reach devices in the ground or basement, you need longer wavelengths, which, however, cannot physically meet the demand for data rates in the multi gigabit / s range. 5G is a solution that will enable this in three frequency ranges – up to 1 GHz (low bands), between 1 and 6 GHz (mid bands) and above 24 GHz (high bands or mmWaves) – based on a new concept for the air interface. 5G New Radio – We will introduce you to this new world with its acronyms and abbreviations and explain the basics of the physical communication layer concept.


The name Anritsu is equated by many users with the term SiteMaster. More than 20 years ago, this term was coined as a synonym for measurement technology, which for the first time was wearable in your hand and field-suitable. Antenna, cable and spectrum measurements are the basis for installation, commissioning and maintenance of radio communication networks. Our product family is expanding to include a „big brother“. MS2090A Field Master Pro is now available alongside the familiar MS2720T with new and unique features. Take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the unique, technological features of the device and its ergonomic operation. The Field Master Pro provides reliable answers on the background of 5G, Signal Hunting and General Purpose applications. We look forward to seeing you personally trying out the straightforward operating concept based on real signals.


The Anritsu ShockLine product family can be briefly and succinctly described with the words „simple“, „economic“ and „amazing performance“. With five different product models, the ShockLine family offers a wide range of measurement and application options from the ELF to the SHF frequency range. Whether in the field of production, laboratory, maintenance / installation or training, one always finds a model and thus a solution for a measuring requirement. We will show you the differences between the device models and advise you regarding your measurement application. After the event, you will have the opportunity for “hands-on” to gain first impressions and experiences with the various device models.


The introduction of the Anritsu NEON Signal Tracker was a novelty two years ago in the field of indoor radio coverage measurements, where, as we know, no GPS signal is available. In conjunction with an Android device, a way tracking unit and any Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer you can obtained as if by magic 3D measurement results. In the meantime, the application has been adapted to the modern and fast analyzer concepts and today also allows GPS-based test drives in which several frequencies can be measured virtually simultaneously. We show you with real examples how you can document the service area of wireless communication networks and in the future also of 5G up to the upper gigahertz frequency range.

Konference začíná 18. června  v 9:00 hodin v Centru pohybové medicíny v Praze 4 – Chodově a registrovat se lze  zde: